Premier League “Drink Breaks” cause debate amongst U.S. fans, Landon Donovan


It was 86 degrees in London without taking into account humidity, and matches around the Premier League saw “drink breaks” midway through the first and second halves.

Folks in England may’ve found the breaks a bit unusual, and at worst folks of a different generation may’ve issued an “In my day, we just died of dehydration because men were men”.

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Here in the United States, however, the breaks were met with derisory shouts. After all, it’s going to be 103 in Phoenix and 94 in Miami today.

Landon Donovan was unimpressed.

Contrast that with Xherdan Shaqiri’s take on his Premier League debut:

“It was unbelievably hot! I was not expecting this in England. But I am glad to be here – it is the best league in the world.”

Others disagreed (on the weather):