Brendan Rodgers says Liverpool “showed everything” in draw with Arsenal


Following his side’s thrilling 0-0 draw (no sarcasm) with Arsenal on Monday, Brendan Rodgers spoke like a man thoroughly pleased by what he’s seen from his side through the first three games of the 2015-16 Premier League season — a stretch in which the Reds have conceded exactly zero goals.

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Rodgers, in his post-game television interview on NBCSN, on his side’s “outstanding” performance:

“I thought we were outstanding [all] the way through. We showed everything tonight. [In the] first half, good defensive organization and we looked a real threat going forward and some of our football was outstanding. … Second half, of course you’re going to come under a little bit of pressure, but I still felt we were a real threat in the game.”

“The last 10 teams that have won here, default or not, their defensive organizations were good. Sometimes they forfeit a little bit of the ball, but I think we probably had more of the ball [than those teams], in that first half in particular. … I thought our back four and goalkeeper were outstanding and the midfield three kept good contact with each other.”

Rodgers is about 95 percent correct in lauding his side’s first-half performance — he does, however, seem to have forgotten that not only could Liverpool have gone down a goal very early on, but that they should have when Aaron Ramsey’s goal was ruled out for offside. Still, though, many teams will walk away without winning a point at the Emirates. Unless, of course, you’re West Ham United.