FIFA’s head of reform defends Blatter, says soccer in U.S. is “an ethnic sport for girls in schools”


There are still a lot of yes men in FIFA, and one of them is apparently in charge of its reform.

Francois Carrard is the head of FIFA’s 2016 Reform Committee, and just gave a very pro-Sepp Blatter interview to a Swiss publication, one that does not shine the right light on FIFA as it tries to change its public image.

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And the interview looks quite coordinated with the conversation Blatter had with the BBC, one which was released on Monday and saw the defiant FIFA president claiming the organization would come out of an investigation in a positive light.

As Vice Sports points out, Carrard didn’t need too many quotes to come out looking awful.

Here are his thoughts on soccer here in the United States:

“But for the US, football, soccer, does not have the same weight as baseball, basketball, and American football. There, it’s just an ethnic sport for girls in schools”

The first part of his statement is true. The second is revoltingly false, considering that the United States has a massive soccer undertaking for both genders, and is the headquarters for one of the biggest women’s soccer leagues on the planet.

It shows a lot of contrition and foresight to use gender jabs to fight a battle against the U.S. Keep doing you, FIFA. Keep doing you.