Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey wants video review after disallowed goal


Arsenal’s match against Liverpool ended in a 0-0 draw, but that may have been different if video replay was used.

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Aaron Ramsey looked to put the Gunners ahead in the opening ten minutes, but the goal was called back as he was ruled offside. However, replays show he timed his run perfectly, and the goal should have stood.

Arsene Wenger stated his side was “unlucky” to have the goal disallowed, which once again brought up the debate about the use of video technology in football.

Speaking to Arsenal’s club website after the match, Ramsey said the use of video replay could have changed the outcome of the match.

The replays suggest I was onside so it should have stood. But the linesman thought it was offside. Those things happen.

On another day, we would have been 1-0 up. To look at a video for 20 seconds would maybe have changed the outcome of the game.

I think we can take a leaf out of rugby’s book. They do it really well. You see on the screens, they go up there for 20 seconds and they get the decision right in the end. Football can learn something from that.”

Replay is currently only used for goal-line technology, as the Hawk-Eye system has been praised for its speed and effectiveness. However, that system sends a signal directly to the referee’s watch, and does not require the match to be stopped to physically view a video.

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Wayne Rooney also had a goal called back over the weekend against Newcastle (another match that ended in a scoreless draw), which replays confirmed should have stood.

Ramsey posed the question to his nearly two million Twitter followers to get some feedback, and as expected, most Arsenal fans thought it was a great idea. So what do you think? Should more video technology be integrated into the game?