Tottenham’s Emmanuel Adebayor fails to report for international duty with Togo


Once a dynamic goalscorer in the Premier League, Emmanuel Adebayor’s career has taken a dramatic downturn in the past few years.

Yesterday, the 31-year-old striker was essentially cut from Tottenham, being left off of Spurs’ roster for the PL and the Europa League. Adebayor is currently in the last season of his contract, which pays him about $150,000 a week, and Spurs were unable to offload him over the transfer window.

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Today, he did not show up for international duty with Togo, who defeated Djibouti 2-0 in AFCON qualifiers without the country’s all-time leading goalscorer.

A Togo official told Sky Sports that there was no contact between the player and the federation about his no-show, saying “He has not given us a reason. He was in the squad but he has just not shown up.”

Adebayor had his captaincy taken away from him earlier this year after having a fall-out with Togo’s manager Tom Saintfiet, after which the striker questioned if he would return to play for the national team.

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Recently he has been training with Tottenham’s reserves, as no teams were willing to pay his massive wages on a player that hasn’t been in form for quite some time.

It looks as if Adebayor is happy to not play and continue collecting paychecks, as he reportedly gets chauffeured to training with the reserves in a Rolls Royce everyday, seemingly flaunting his wages in Tottenham’s face.

Failing to show up for national team duty is not only ridiculously unprofessional, but is almost never heard of as playing for your country is one of the highest honors a player can receive. Adebayor’s Premier League career is all but over, and it looks possible he could be on his way out of football for good.