West Brom manager Tony Pulis tells Saido Berahino it’s time to grow up


The ongoing battle between Saido Berahino and West Bromwich Albion chairman Jeremy Peace has been well documented, but one man who has been caught in the crossfire is Tony Pulis.

The Baggies’ boss has been forced to keep Berahino out of the lineup as he said the striker was “not in the right frame of mind,” and now must handle a player that is clearly unhappy with his situation.

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It’s still unclear why Jeremy Peace made the Berahino transfer talks public, continuously stating he would not sell despite multiple bids from Tottenham and the player himself handing in a transfer request.

That caused Berahino to post his now-famous tweet, stating he would never again play for the club under Jeremy Peace.

Throughout all of this Pulis has remained composed, always saying the right things to the media, and seeming to genuinely care about his player. Since Deadline Day, he has remained silent on the situation.

Now with a break in Premier League action over the international break, Pulis has voiced his opinion, saying it’s time for Berahino to “grow up and wise up.”

Speaking to Daily Mail columnist and NBC Sports insider Neil Ashton:

Respect has to be earned and Saido has to learn that lesson. West Brom have nurtured Saido’s career for over a decade, the people in the club and on the terraces have supported him, and given him the platform from which he stands today.

They deserve the utmost respect and at times unwillingly he has shown them little. Do I think he’s meant it? Of course not, but he has to grow up and wise up to the fact that people at West Brom have supported him right from the beginning of his career.

Pulis has been placed in a tough spot, as he has kept Berahino out of the squad in an effort to “protect” his player, something he has repeatedly stated is necessary with the striker still just 22-years-old. However, that means West Brom’s top scorer from last season and biggest threat on the attack is not on the pitch.

A lot of things have been handled poorly during this ongoing saga, but Tony Pulis has been the one man who is trying to do what’s best for his player and his team. For one of the most well respected managers in the league, you have to feel for him in this situation.