VIDEO – Tim Sherwood: “I’ve never felt this bad ever” after Leicester loss


“I ain’t never felt this bad ever” a heavy-hearted Tim Sherwood murmured after he watch his side blow a 2-0 lead over Leicester City in the final 18 minutes of their game at King Power Stadium.

The Aston Villa boss mumbled in disgust while talking with reporters, scratching his head  trying to digest what just happened to his team.

“Any way you stop momentum is by keeping the ball off the opposition…we just turned it over stupidly.” With a heavy sigh he finally decided, “What can I say? I’m gutted for anyone who is associated with this football club. We need to stop letting in soft goals, they didn’t have to work too hard for their goals today.”

When asked if the team undid any positives by blowing the game, Sherwood responded somewhat perturbed, “Totally. Who cares? Who cares if we played well, we lost the game.” He was then asked about Jack Grealish‘s solid performance, to which Sherwood declared it was “totally lost.”

Finally, he issued somewhat of an ultimatum to his squad. “They [the players] are as disappointed as I am, hopefully. They’re a good group, but we have to stop the errors unfortunately, sooner rather than later.”