Alex Ferguson demanded same wages as Rooney


Sir Alex Ferguson‘s new book launch is creating quite the stir.

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The former Manchester United boss, who lead the Red Devils to 13 Premier League and two UEFA Champions League titles during his 26 years in charge, has been promoting his new book as he has talked about only having “four world class players” throughout his time at Old Trafford and about the importance of “winning” press conferences.

One of the big lines to come out of the new release named “Leading” was that he demanded to have the same wage as star striker Wayne Rooney.

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That’s right. Back in 2010 when Rooney was negotiating a new contract and after it looked like he would leave Old Trafford the club finally handed him a new long-term deal worth $375,000 per week, Ferguson demanded that his contract was also doubled to he was earning the same as his top player.

Here’s the extract from Fergie’s book on the dilemma with Rooney’s deal”

“I told them I did not think it fair that Rooney should earn twice what I made,” Ferguson said. “[United co-chairman] Joel Glazer said: ‘I totally agree but what should we do?’ It was simple. We just agreed no player should be paid more than me.”

This brings up a rather interesting debate which is often overlooked in soccer: should the manager earn more than any of the outfield players?

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You could certainly argue that in terms of the heirachy and order of the club, if a few players are being paid more money than the head man, the person who is supposed to oversee everything and make all of the big decisions, then surely he should be on the higher salary, right?

In what other business around the world does the top man making all the decisions get paid less than somebody who is, technically, below him?

Okay, this is sports and it is a slightly different scenario, but Fergie, for me, has a point.