Mourinho medical fallout continues as “extremely disappointed” FMA backs Carneiro

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The Football Medical Association is adding fuel to the fire when it comes to the resignation of Dr. Eva Carneiro from Chelsea.

Dr. Carneiro quit Tuesday, about a month and a half after Blues manager Jose Mourinho disparaged her “naive” performance during a draw against Swansea City on opening day.

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Now the FMA, which represents medical and science personnel in soccer, says they are “extremely disappointed” that she won’t be resuming First Team duties with Chelsea, and it certainly implies that Mourinho’s played a role in her not returning.

From the BBC:

“The FMA is extremely disappointed that Dr Eva Carneiro will not be resuming her full duties as first-team doctor at Chelsea Football Club.

Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro was put in an “untenable position”

“Having recently been contacted by Eva, we have offered our full support in attempting to negotiate a satisfactory outcome. Unfortunately this has not resulted in our preferred outcome.”

I tend to find Mourinho amusing and clever, but this story won’t go away for good reason. Soccer is one of the biggest entities in the world, but that Chelsea seems to have a problem with traditional authority. If you want to tie in Diego Costa and his teammates’ treatment of the referees after fouls with how Mou’s treated a respected doctor, I wouldn’t blame you.