Mourinho won’t face FA discipline over alleged verbal abuse of doctor

GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images
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Sky Sports is reporting that Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho will not face any discipline from the Football Association over his alleged verbal abuse of ex-team doctor Eva Carneiro.

The respected doctor became a household name when Mourinho blasted her for tending to an injured Eden Hazard on opening day against Swansea City, briefly limiting Chelsea to nine men.

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Carneiro was removed from her post as on-field doctor and later quit the club. It was said she’s been exploring her legal options against Mourinho and/or the club.

Will there be fallout from other teams’ staffs? Even if they are being treated well, the Football Medical Association backed Carneiro as recently as last week.

Mourinho has had some embarrassing moments in his career, but this one is one of the least pardonable. We haven’t read to many accounts who think Mou was in the right here. Care to disagree?