Survey: Chelsea fans least attractive, Bournemouth is sexy


It’s time to take a look at the alternative Premier League standings, as a dating website has released data which ranks each team on the attractiveness of their fans.

No, really. They have.

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Dating website polled 1,000 soccer fans to find out which teams had the most attractive fans, and the two South Coast clubs came out on top with Bournemouth first and Southampton in second.

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58 percent of those polled said they would be up for going on a date with a Cherries fan. Must be all that time Bournemouth’s fans spend soaking up the sun on those golden sandy beaches and lounging underneath palm trees down on the English Riveria, right?

Other intriguing stats to come out of the survey saw Manchester United ranked just above bottom side Chelsea, while one in nine voters said they would go out of their way to not date a United fan. 25 percent of Liverpool fans polled claimed they would never date an Everton fan, despite hailing from the same city and overall 13 percent of those polled said they could never date a fan of a rival team. That seems a bit extreme… One in 10 fans said soccer meant more to them than their love life, but 59 percent do believe they keep a healthy balance between soccer and their love life.

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Below are the rankings from in full. Do you agree with these? Do any of these teams turn you on or off for any particular reasons? Discuss in the comments section below.

  1. Bournemouth
  2. Southampton
  3. Norwich City
  4. Manchester City
  5. Swansea City
  6. Newcastle United
  7. Aston Villa
  8. Leicester City
  9. Arsenal
  10. Everton
  11. Watford
  12. West Ham United
  13. Liverpool
  14. West Bromwich Albion
  15. Crystal Palace
  16. Tottenham Hotspur
  17. Stoke City
  18. Sunderland
  19. Manchester United
  20. Chelsea