Prince Ali enters the race for FIFA president


Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein hopes the dramatic changes to FIFA’s landscape can help him close the gap on the establishment.

While the head of the Jordan FA said he would join the race last month, he made it official on Thursday.

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The Jordanian prince fell to Sepp Blatter in this summer’s FIFA presidential election. While that vote came in the wake of a corruption scandal, it was just after the pre-dawn raids on FIFA headquarters and plenty of damaging info has come out since that day.

Ali says he can embody the spirit of reform.

From Reuters:

“This time of crisis at FIFA is an opportunity for positive change,” Prince Ali said in a statement. “Many good ideas have emerged in the current discussion over FIFA’s future.

“A better future will only come if ideas turn into action — and that will only happen if FIFA has the right leadership. I am confident that FIFA can emerge from this difficult period with its reputation restored and become an organisation that is once again viewed with respect.”

There have been questions whether FIFA can regroup at all, that perhaps soccer needs a new governing body. It most certainly needs a new face.

Ali is certainly a change from the status quo and a potential breath of fresh air, but does FIFA need a total outsider? And will Sunil Gulati and U.S. Soccer continue to support Ali as more candidates make their names known?