VIDEO: South Korea U-17s scored the goal of the World Cup


If I didn’t explain which team was which before you watched the above video (beginning at the 0:38 mark – click through to watch it on YouTube; thanks, FIFA!), and you only saw the scoreboard featuring the two teams playing — South Korea and Brazil — you’d probably assume it was the latter that scored this stunner at the U-17 World Cup on Saturday.

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Alas, it was South Korea’s Jang Jaewon that finished the move after carving up the Brazilians’ midfield and defense in four passes, two successful take-ons and one nutmeg over 19 scintillating seconds.

The goal of the tournament was scored on the opening day of the 2015 U-17 World Cup, and for once, it was Brazil on the shameful side of joga bonito. South Korea went on to win the game, 1-0.