Giggs, Neville allow homeless to stay winter in hotel

Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Manchester United legends Ryan Giggs and Phil Neville are earning that title off the field for a fairly legendary act of generosity.

Upon learning that a group homeless activists were occupying the building they are renovating into a boutique hotel, Giggs and Neville had a pretty unique response.

Stay the winter.

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The group, called the Manchester Angels, routinely occupy out-of-use buildings in an attempt to help homeless folks find their footing.

It’s a move that left the residents quite emotional. From The Guardian:

“We are going to do everything properly,” said Hall. “We have already drawn up rotas for cooking, cleaning and staffing the gate. Everyone will be able to have their own room and each person will be able to lock their bedroom door. We were expecting that as soon as Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville found out that we had occupied the building, they would try to get us evicted and that we would have to look for another building. Having a few months during the winter to work with homeless people without the threat of eviction hanging over our heads is brilliant.”

The old building was called the Manchester Stock Exchange. In a classic bit of wit, the Angels are calling it “The Sock Exchange”.

Good on you, Giggs and Neville. Now see if any of the residents are potential candidates for the Homeless World Cup, and we’ll have a movie on our hands!