Lalas stokes USMNT fire with Tweet of Bruce Arena interest


It’s not exactly classy to talk about a filled position, but the world of soccer managers is a different place.

And Alexi Lalas asking his old friend Bruce Arena whether he’d coach the USMNT again isn’t asking whether the L.A. Galaxy manager would take over right now from Jurgen Klinsmann, just asking interest level.

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Still, in a period of time where there are myriad questions about the short- and long-term future of the U.S. men’s national team under Jurgen Klinsmann, Lalas had to know he was half-volleying a hornet’s nest with this Tweet.

Here’s hoping “the right circumstances” include the job being open, but then again Arena has openly ripped on Klinsmann in the past.

Of course, this had led to some interesting conversations on social media. Would going backwards to Arena be a step forward (Bob Bradley is an oft-mentioned replacement as well)?

And what’s different about Arena now than 2006? Certainly he’s had more experience massaging big egos at L.A., but come on. Not to mention that he may’ve presided over the epic World Cup run of 2002, but also the monumentally disappointing 2006 tournament. Considering, of course, that a portion of the U.S. fan base wasn’t satisfied with the way Jurgen Klinsmann got the side out of its group in Brazil.

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Nothing against Arena, but if the Yanks move onto a new coach, why is there this insistence on a retread or an MLS mind? The world is gigantic, and why should options be limited to Arena, Bradley and the oft-mentioned Peter Vermes? No one’s saying they are bad choices, but can’t we be a bit more creative?

As a side note: I loved Bradley as U.S. coach and wouldn’t be angry if he one day returned to the fold. Just making a larger point here.

Then again, it’s just a Tweet, and the position is filled.