Mourinho: ‘Weak and naive’ referee cost Chelsea

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Chelsea failed to find a goal today against Dynamo Kiev, leaving Ukraine with just a point after a scoreless draw in Champions League play.

Despite having the better of chances, including hitting the post twice, Jose Mourinho was still unhappy with the result…and the referee.

Mourinho has been extremely vocal about his displeasure with the officiating in the Premier League, and remained strong on his stance in the Champions League as well.

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A key point in the match came in the first half when Chelsea was controlling the play, and Cesc Fabregas was taken down in the box. Replays showed it to be a foul, with two defenders making contact with Fabregas’ legs as he tried to move in on goal. However, the referee did not signal for a penalty kick.

After the match, Mourinho slammed the official for being “weak and naive.”

The referee was weak and naive with the penalty. I cannot understand what the referee behind the goal does because he doesn’t make a clear decision too. I see progress. We hit the post twice, had a good solid defensive performance against dangerous team. To lose this game would have been bad for us.

While Mourinho is known for calling out officials, this time he actually has a valid point. The foul on Fabregas was much clearer than other incidents which Mourinho has been angered about, and once again, a non-call cost Chelsea.

He was recently fined and suspended in England for saying officials were “afraid” to give Chelsea decisions, and based on his remarks today, he’s not afraid to get fined again.