Wenger: “I would cry” if Premier League changed holiday schedule


Arsene Wenger has been in the Premier League for a long time…19 years to be exact.

He knows all about the ins and outs of England’s top flight, including the grueling schedule.

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While other leagues take holiday breaks for Christmas and the New Year, the Premier League plays right on through, with the late December stretch being one of the focal points of the season.

After Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal said making teams play during the winter was “evil,” Wenger said they must try to keep the tradition alive.

I have a lot of respect for Louis Van Gaal, but I don’t agree with him on that.

Maybe I have been in England such a long time and had the same ideas as him when I first came.

I would cry if you changed that. It is part of English tradition and English football.

The whole of Europe come to watch football on Boxing Day. It is an important part for us to being popular in the world. At Christmas, nobody works in the world and everybody watches the Premier League.

For fans, the Premier League’s holiday schedule is great. After enjoying a big Christmas dinner, you can wake up on Boxing Day, light a fire and enjoy a full slate of matches. For players, you could understand their frustrations about having the busiest part of the schedule centered around Christmas and the New Year.

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But that’s what makes the Premier League the Premier League, and the tradition Wenger speaks about isn’t going to change. While players from around Europe are vacationing on yachts and tropical islands, teams in England have to worry about a midweek trip to cold, rainy Stoke.

And Arsene Wenger wouldn’t want it any other way.