Blatter: “If God is with me, I hope to be back as FIFA president”


Sepp Blatter, are you serious?

On Wednesday Blatter, 79, went nuclear as he spoke to the Russian media about his current suspension from FIFA as the outgoing president of the beleaguered organization lashed out at Michel Platini, his own Ethics Committee, England and many more people in-between in a bizarre rant of muddled quotes and contradictions.

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Blatter also spilled the beans about a deal seemingly in place to host the 2018 World Cup in Russia and 2022 World Cup in the USA before the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding process and vote even occurred in 2010, and plenty of things go lost in the mire of his incredible interview.

Well, this quote is worthy of grabbing from the transcript as Blatter was asked: “What do you think will happen at the congress in February next year?” and delivered this response.

“If God is with me, I do hope that I’ll be back as president of FIFA. Then I could at least conduct this congress. This is my dream.”

One small thing Sepp: you are not one of the seven chosen candidates who FIFA selected on Wednesday to be part of the next presidential election in 2016 so you can’t run for president again.

Now, many experts are questioning exactly why Blatter spoke out to the Russian media but it is clear he came armed with a number of wrongs to try and put right, as he now believes that despite announcing that he will step down as FIFA president after the next congress in Feb. 26, 2016 — where a presidential election will take place to pick his successor — does he still think he has a future as FIFA’s leader? Reading between the lines, perhaps Blatter just wants to be involved in the ceremony and go out with some dignity. At this point, who knows what to think anymore.

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This is an official who has been involved in the organization for over 40 years and has led FIFA as president for the last 17. Amid all of the corruption allegations and investigations from both the Swiss and U.S. authorities, Blatter still believes that he will be in charge of FIFA after the next election. Not to mention the fact that Blatter and the man he scathingly attacked on Wednesday, UEFA president Platini, are both currently suspended by FIFA’s Ethics Committee as a $1.9 million payment between the duo is being investigated.

The entire transcript of his talk with TASS news agency defies belief, but that one answer is perhaps the most troubling. Here is a man who led one of the most corrupt organizations in history for nearly two decades and he still believes he has done nothing wrong and deserves not only to be a part of its future.