VIDEO: Everton’s Roberto Martinez happy with attacking mentality in 6-2 win


Everton manager Roberto Martinez was obviously pleased with his team’s performance in the 6-2 win over Sunderland, but he knows there is still work to do defensively.

The Black Cats hit the post twice in the opening minutes of the game, and they bracketed halftime with a pair of goals to draw level 2-2 at the time.

“We’ve got a lot of experience in certain individuals but in general we’ve got a very young team,” Martinez said after the match. “From a psychological point of view, when we went 2-2, it was very impressive the way we handled the ball, the way we opened Sunderland up, it was very impressive. We scored six, and it could have been many more.”

The defensive performance was spotty for Everton, but overall Martinez put a higher importance on the attacking flow, and for that performance, he was happy.

“Clearly you have to defend, and we have to do better, but you have 90 minutes to face the opposition, and I felt that throughout the 90 minutes, we were very, very strong going forward. Defensively we need to improve, but it’s about scoring goals, and keeping a clean sheet only takes you so far.”