Lampard on going out with Pirlo in U.S. – “The rest of us get ignored”

D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Ride of Fame

Frank Lampard is back in England, and spent some of his MLS offseason answering questions from fans for Sky Sports.

The longtime Chelsea player and current New York City FC man had plenty of interesting insight to share from his Premier League playing days, toughest opponents and career plans, but we loved his answer when asked about Andrea Pirlo.

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The Italy star apparently gets all the love when the team hits the streets of America. If you believe Lampard, it’s “Frank who?” as long as Pirlo’s around.

From Sky Sports:

“He’s a really nice fella. Very humble, does his little thing off the pitch, and he’s a huge name. Everywhere we go in America there are people outside with their Italian shirts on. The rest of us get ignored!”

Surely there’s some exaggeration there, but you can imagine it would be a bit of a culture shock for Lampard to walk around unrecognized after being one of the “it” men in England for so many years.

Then again, no Pirlo, no party.