Wales manager, Wenger trade blame for Ramsey’s Arsenal injury

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Chris Coleman is livid after Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger claimed the Wales manager is responsible for Aaron Ramsey‘s recent injury woes.

Wenger was critical of Coleman’s choice to play Gunners midfielder Ramsey and Real Madrid playmaker Gareth Bale after Wales clinched its berth in Euro 2016.

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Ramsey played in both games during the international break despite Wales qualifying after the first. Wenger said Coleman should’ve known better.

The Welsh boss struck back on Wednesday, wondering why Wenger played Ramsey for 90 and then 70 minutes within a week of the player’s return to London.

From the BBC:

“I wouldn’t normally speak publicly, but I’m paying him the respect that he paid me, which is not a lot. I’m not going to sit back and let someone put the blame on us.”


“It’s not in our interest to upset people or gamble and we never did that with Aaron Ramsey.”

Both men have a point, though Coleman was going to tick someone off with his XI for the second game. Given the roster size for an international break, some club’s coach would think his player was playing unnecessarily. And what about the spirit of the competition (even if Andorra had nothing to play for in the second match)?

As for Wenger, it’s all sour grapes. If the Arsenal boss was so concerned with Ramsey’s potential fitness and susceptibility to injury, why play him 160 minutes more? Coleman claims Wenger called England boss Roy Hodgson to warn him about Theo Walcott‘s injury, but didn’t reach out to him. That’s fishy.

If you forced us to pick sides, we’d be allies of Coleman. It occurs to us the two could communicate privately, though.