Report: Paris suicide attacker denied entrance to Stade de France during game

Getty Images

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, a suicide attacker wearing an explosive vest tried and failed to enter Stade de France before detonating his explosives outside the venue during the friendly between France and Germany on Friday night.

The report says that the attacker had a ticket to the game and attempted to enter as a fan, but was frisked by stadium security and subsequently denied entrance in a move that could have saved hundreds if not thousands of lives. The report then states the attacker “attempted to back away from security” before detonating his device.

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A pair of loud explosions could be heard from inside the stadium during the first half of the match.

The Wall Street Journal’s source, a guard stationed at the game identified only by his first name Zouheir, says he heard the explosion followed by unending radio chatter, and he saw president François Hollande being evacuated from the stadium.

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While the attacks raise security questions ahead of Euro 2016 set to be held across France, this sequence also shows how effective stadium security can be in thwarting potentially devastating situations.