VIDEO: TV commentator sent off for criticizing referee


There’s thin skin, and then there’s what Jimmy Torres, a soccer referee in the Costa Rican second division, did over the weekend.

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Torres was alerted by one of his assistant referees to comments that had been made by television commentator Henry de Jesus Diaz during the game, comments which reportedly painted Torres as a “terrible” referee. So Torres ejected Diaz from the stadium, presumably for a unique form of dissent (above video).


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Does a referee have the power to do such a thing? Surely not, though that didn’t stop Torres, who threatened to call the game off if Diaz didn’t put down the microphone and walk away. This would seem to be a brand new low in hypersensitivity and abuse of power, but now I’m afraid Torres will attempt to have me booted from the PST staff for calling him thin-skinned.