Houston’s Coyle among the latest to be caught off-guard by MLS rigors


Houston Dynamo coach Owen Coyle is the latest European to find himself shocked by the level of travel in Major League Soccer.

Somehow, folks are still caught off-guard by the sheer size of the United States and Canada, and former Bolton manager Coyle equated the travel in MLS to “playing a European game every second week”.

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It’s mandatory to note that we often read about the Premier League home field advantage associated with the “long” trips from North England to South England.

Yet the six-hour drive from Newcastle to Bournemouth is shorter than all but one of the Dynamo’s MLS commutes — if by land.

From MLSSoccer.com:

“There’s no buses, you’ve got to fly everywhere because of the size of the country and we’re changing time zones all the time, we change altitude. I’ve got to say the first season has been so much of a learning curve, but within that we’ve done very well at different things.”

We saw this a few weeks back with Steven Gerrard, who “was not aware” of the same issues. It’s not that these guys don’t realize how gigantic our country is, or that there will be new experiences, but that it’s going to be so much different.

They are coming from clubs that compete across Europe, and thinking, “How much difference can it be from a midweek trip from Liverpool to Budapest?”

Apparently, the answer is “much”.