Freddy Adu got paid to slang vacuums, and Twitter went nuts

If you needed proof that:

A) People love to see the mighty fall (further)


B) Advertising works


Witness the garbage tornado that was Twitter in the wake of a single Tweet from Freddy Adu on Wednesday.

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The 26-year-old Tampa Bay Rowdies midfielder took to social media for a paid ad, something that happens all the time.

But his advertisement for a cordless vacuum instead opened up a can of faux pity from the Twitter verse, which is probably also largely due to the fact that the man couldn’t crack a smile in the pic, and tossed a “#sponsored” on the Tweet in case we thought he was just randomly hyped on a vacuum.

He wasn’t alone, as the campaign also includes //” target=”_blank”>former NFL defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth and current NFLer Lance Briggs.

Whatever you think about the mean-spirited replies aimed Adu’s way — and there were many — take solace in the fact that, subliminally or not, advertising has once again worked.

Also, in case you were wondering, Adu picked up three assists in his 8-game stint with Tampa Bay.