Chelsea’s Mourinho: “Time for us to give a positive answer”

AP Photo/Steven Governo
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Jose Mourinho is from, proverbially, a different planet. This is not news.

So when the Chelsea boss says things like, “Nobody gives a four-year contract to a manager if they don’t trust the person,” despite the fact that it happens all the time in soccer, you can just kinda smirk and move on.

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While acknowledging that Mourinho’s words don’t always reflect universal truth, it is clear that the board supports him. And the Chelsea manager points out that new contracts for his players and a lack of board overreaction to the Blues’ lousy start are a sign of a championship club.

From the BBC:

“There is trust and there are reasons for that trust. The power is with the board and they have shown to me and the players that they trust us.

“It’s time for us to give a positive answer. I think we are doing this but not in the results.”

The fact of the matter is that there simply are not any available managers who are clear upgrades to Mourinho in the world, and that number barely moves upward when you consider managers who are contracted to clubs.

As much as folks revel in Chelsea’s misfortune, here’s hoping Mourinho wins a few games so we can stop with the tired questions.