Report claims Alex Ferguson behind Ronaldo re-recruitment to Manchester

Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

Depending on who and what you believe, Cristiano Ronaldo will be departing Real Madrid before the end of his contract.

He’s been tipped for a return to Old Trafford since, well, basically since he left Manchester United in the first place, though Paris Saint-Germain is another oft-mentioned suitor.

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Pro-Real Madrid outlet Marca says United has put former head honcho and current club advisor Alex Ferguson in charge of wooing the Portuguese star.

According to the report, Ferguson has presented United’s case several times in the past eight months.


There is one other party involved in this story, who will not be content to wait in the wings: Al Khelaifi and his PSG. An offer of 120 million euros and a contract that would leave the salary the Portuguese star currently earns at Real Madrid for dust is a persuasive argument but, in terms of both football and feelings, United hold all the cards.

The claim that PSG has more spending power is laughable, especially considering Ronaldo — and I’m “Blink” spitballing — would come close to equalling his transfer fee in replica merchandise revenue.