Central, South American officials wanted by law in FIFA probe


One South American FIFA official has been arrested, while a Central American head man is wanted as the corruption probe into the soccer governing body continues to grow.

The former head of the Peruvian football federation (FBF), Manuel Burga, was arrested in Lima under request from the United States and faces extradition. Burga denied the charges, telling reporters before being brought away, “I’m helping police with their enquiries, I’d been waiting for them… They’d already informed me that I would see an arrest warrant. I reiterate that I’m innocent. I haven’t received any bungs or bribes.”

Burga was in charge of the FBF from 2002 to 2014, earning reelection in 2007 and 2010. He attempted to run for a fourth term in 2014 but was deemed ineligible by the FBF electoral committee as officials wanted a change in office.

Meanwhile, an arrest warrant has been issued for the president of the Guatemalan federation, Brayan Jiminez. Government officials in Guatemala confirmed that they received a request on Thursday from the United States for the arrest and extradition of Jiminez.

According to the Associated Press, Jiminez’s whereabouts are not currently known. He was last heard from publicly on Thursday when he said told journalists he was going to contact his lawyers following reports of his inclusion in the widening probe.