“Concerned” Jose Mourinho lowers Chelsea’s targeted expectations again


Chelsea comes into most seasons with the Premier League title in their crosshairs.

With the Blues struggling to pull off consistent results, a shot at the title had evaporated, manager Jose Mourinho admitted by late November, but they were still pulling for the top four despite sitting in the bottom quarter of the table.

Those chances may be all but history as well.

Following their loss to Bournemouth yesterday, Mourinho has now declared that he is legitimately concerned with Chelsea’s inability to lift themselves from the bottom of the table, and that Champions League play next season is becoming more and more of a pipe dream.

“I am concerned of course,” Mourinho told Sky Sports. “There is no chance that Chelsea will be fighting relegation. That is not the problem. It is that our objective is to finish top four. Before this game it was realistic to think that our quality would take us out of this position, but maybe now we have to think about top six.”

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Chelsea sits in 14th position, just three points above the danger zone, and many people believe the Premier League giants could be in for a long-term battle against the drop. Mourinho tossed blame every which way after the game, blaming the referee for missing a penalty, Bournemouth for time wasting, and the game of soccer for keeping Chelsea off the scoresheet despite chances created, but he also admitted his players

“The result is not fair,” he said to the BBC. “In the first half we were soft and did not press and were not aggressive and were not intense. In the second half everything changed. We were aggressive, created chances and had crosses and a clear penalty that the referee did not see. That is the game. In the moment when our opponent were thinking just about defending a clean sheet they cross the halfway line for the first time and scored.”

One thing he didn’t blame, however, was himself.