2.Bundesliga player insults female ref, forced to ref girls’ game

Fortuna Dusseldorf Facebook

Lessons are sometimes better learned with a dash of creativity, and Fortuna Dusseldorf certainly had a trick up its sleeve when it punished player Kerem Demirbay.

Demirbay, 22, received a pair of yellow cards from female referee Bibi Steinhaus during a match against FSV Frankfurt on Nov. 29.

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As he was dismissed, he told Steinhaus that women have no place in football. He later publicly apologized, dismissing it as the error of a young player.

And in addition to Demirbay’s league-issued suspension and fine, Fortuna decided he’d serve an additional punishment. This one showed that women very much have a place in the game.

An actual game.

From WhoAteAllThePies.TV:

However, his club weren’t finished there. Indeed, Fortuna also made sure Demirbay paid full penance for his sins against equality by forcing him to go along and referee a local all-girls’ game.

Bravo. And we love his “referee’s uniform”.