MLS announces additional $37 million investment in player funding


NEW YORK (AP) Major League Soccer is allowing teams to spend $37 million more on player salaries in the next two seasons in an effort to improve talent.

The league announced in July that each team could spend an additional $500,000 over five years on players, called Targeted Allocation Money. MLS said TAM could be used to sign or re-sign players who earn more than the maximum salary budget charge who are not high-priced designated players.

MLS said Wednesday each team can spent an additional $800,000 in TAM both in 2017 and 2018, money that must be spent within four transfer windows. The maximum budget charge next season for non-designated players is $457,500. TAM may be used to convert designated players to non-designated players.

The league also is allowing teams to spend $125,000 each year on homegrown players.