Under fire Platini boycotting FIFA ethics committee meeting

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When it comes to his FIFA hearing for alleged misconduct and bribe acceptance, a defiant Michel Platini isn’t going to pay attention.

Platini thinks the fix is in, and does not have much interest in the goings-on in Switzerland.

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It’s not about his past, Platini thinks, it’s about trying to prohibit him from being a part of the future as a candidate for Sepp Blatter’s soon-to-be open presidential position.

From the BBC:

He has expressed his “deepest outrage” at what he considers an attempt to prevent his candidacy.

In a statement issued on behalf of Fifa’s ethics judges on Wednesday, Platini was told his case will be dealt with “independently and in an unbiased manner”.

To over-simplify, Platini is tossing a bit of “I’m not listening! I’m not listening!” shade to the proceedings.

It’s something that probably won’t benefit him too much, but both his vocal and quiet protestations do raise an eyebrow or two.