Hours after signing, Barcelona player loses contract due to Twitter


Anti-Catalan and pro-Real Madrid comments on Twitter have cost a young player his contract at Barcelona B, just hours after signing with the Spanish champions.

Sergi Guardiola, 24 years old and no relation to ex-Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola, had earned a deal to play for Barca’s reserves on Monday, only to see his contract torn up.

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We’re betting that “checking Twitter” has been added to Barca’s pre-contract character checks, though Guardiola claims those 2013 Tweets were not his doing and that joining the club was a dream.

From The Daily Mail:

‘I want to make clear I didn’t write those tweets. A friend took my phone and did it.

‘It’s a misunderstanding. The tweets are from 2013, a joke from a friend, I didn’t even know the tweets existed.

‘I’m from Mallorca. I’m not anti-Catalan or anti-anything. I couldn’t write those tweets.’

Once this reaches Florentino Perez, we’re imagining ol’ Sergi is going to get a call about Real Madrid’s B-side.

That said, social media is a minefield, and Guardiola’s “friend” might just own him a living. The midfielder had just four second-tier matches to his name after a career in the lower levels of Spanish football.