Cristiano Ronaldo says retirement will bring brand building, not coaching or directing

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Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed that, unlike many top players, he would rather not stay in the sport. Coaching or club management isn’t likely to be in his future.

Instead, the soccer icon hopes to build his brand and “live like a king” once his career is over.

“If you ask me now if I want to be a coach, I would say no,” Ronaldo told El Mundo in a wide-reaching interview. “Nor a sporting director or president of a club. Since I was 27 I have had my own line of clothes and I want my brand to keep growing because football will finish in five, six, seven or 10 years.”

Ronaldo says after his career he will focus more on himself and his family, something he hasn’t exactly been able to do during his career.

“I have a top life, but I think I am going to enjoy it more when I finish my career, when I have time to do what I like,” Ronaldo said. “This Saturday there is a boxing bout in Las Vegas and I would like to take my friends and family to see it, and I can’t because I don’t have time. I am not going to cry about it now because I am making a sacrifice in inverted commas, but after [I retire] I want to live like a king.”