Vertonghen laments Spurs work vs “kick every ball long” Leicester City


Spurs defender Jan Vertonghen was a bit flustered after Robert Huth‘s header pushed Leicester past Tottenham on Wednesday.

The 6-foot-2 Belgian, 28, says Spurs need improvement when it comes to playing teams with a counterattacking style, and didn’t seem wild about the Foxes.

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Honestly, Vertonghen’s critique of Leicester City sounds a lot like those who’ve lost to the “bought-in” U.S. men’s national team sides of the early part of this century.

From The London Evening Standard:

“They always approach the game in the same way — kick every ball they get long and run, and if they don’t have the ball they defend.

“They drop deep and then they count on set-pieces or one of their strikers. They have won most of their games like this and they play their game very well. It works for them. Every player knows his qualities and that is a very important thing.”

Longtime Buffalo Bills coach Marv Levy used to say, “What it takes to win is simple, but it isn’t easy”. Opponents know what Leicester is planning, but can’t quite get the hang of breaking down the disciplined side.