Newcastle’s Siem De Jong has gruesome scare in training, could have lost eyesight

Getty Images

Newcastle manager Steve McClaren has described a scary moment in training where doctors say Siem De Jong could have lost eyesight in one eye.

“It was just in training and he accidentally got poked in the eye,” McClaren said. “I wasn’t here, he went down screaming. So they said ‘Let us have a look at your eye’ and there was blood pouring from it. He wears contact lenses, and one of the contacts had come out and gone in his eye.”

De Jong has suffered through numerous injuries in the last two years, but nothing that threatened the quality of his future life like this.

“There was a massive danger [he would be blinded], a big danger,” McClaren said. “He was rushed to hospital. It was the biggest black eye ever and headaches and everything.”

The 26-year-old made 16 appearances in Premier League play this year, but has only been in the starting lineup three times. McClaren says De Jong will need a bit to recover.

“I’ve seen him this morning and it looks a lot better. Fortunately the doctor says probably a week or two to settle down. So he’s very lucky.”