VIDEO, PHOTOS: Arsenal’s Ozil to wear revolutionary “laceless” boots


Mesut Ozil is a man who knows what he wants. Apparently, no laces.

What we know about him is that he’s the Premier League’s assist leader (16) and is a shoe-in — pardon the pun — to be one the leading candidates for the PFA Player of the Year award this season.

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The Arsenal and German playmaker, 27, is also leading the charge for laces to be removed from soccer cleats and from this weekend the superstar will be wearing the new adidas ACE +16 shoes.

Available in a snazzy electric green color (Seattle Sounders fans, high five) Ozil was at the center of their creation and had the following to say about his disdain for laces. Seriously. Not a fan.

“My whole career I have tried to minimize the impact of laces on my strike and ball control. I revealed to Adidas in 2014 that in the changing room I knot the laces over and over again and then tuck in the ends, that way they do not interfere with my touch,” Ozil said. “When they came to me last year with the laceless boots, it was like they have created my dream product. I cannot wait to wear them on the pitch.”

Have a look at the photos below to get an idea of how these slip on shoes will look.

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With ankle protectors commonplace on most cleats nowadays, it was only a matter of time before this happened. No longer will amateur games across the land be held up strategically by middle-aged men saying late in the game: “hang on ref, I’ve got to do my boots up.”