Social media, maybe Messi himself, searching for this young fan from social media

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On the surface, the task seems impossible.

Find a young boy pictured on Twitter with an improvised Argentina Lionel Messi jersey, a photo that only shows the youngster from behind.

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His only identifying characteristics are dark hair and a stylized haircut.

Still seeing a Tweet from @Messi10stats of the above photo, Messi’s team reportedly responded.


Photos of the post surfaced on Turkish blogs and websites a week ago.

Some social media posts claim the photo was taken in Iraq, however, it’s unclear when and where the original photo was taken.

People are trying to help find this child so they can get a real Messi shirt to him.

Again, we’d say this borders on impossible, but it is 2016 and a world is searching for the little guy. Perhaps he’ll get that Messi shirt after all.