Carolina Panthers send Leicester City jerseys, so the Foxes play football

Leicester City via Facebook
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It all started with a Tweet, and now it’s become a full-on bromance.

Back in mid-January, Leicester City’s Twitter account sent the Panthers a note of encouragement as Carolina embarked on their playoff journey. Now, both sides have exchanged jerseys and are looking to show off their skills in the others’ sport.

Leicester City on Friday posted photos of Jamie Vardy, Kasper SchmeichelChristian Fuchs and Wes Morgan trying their luck at American football while wearing personalized Panthers jerseys sent to the club from Carolina.

The gesture from the Panthers was a thank-you in response to Leicester City sending the NFL franchise a few Foxes kits to Cam Newton, Graham Gano, and others.

The whole love affair has seemed slightly awkward coming out of nowhere, but with the NFL gaining roots in London, the two have room to build a full on relationship. This likely won’t be the last time we see these two teams exchanging handshakes and photo ops across the pond.