In which Sam Allardyce dials up comments on “foreign” Man City players

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Sunderland coach Sam Allardyce is never one to shy away from banter, and the big Englishman sure doesn’t like what he saw from Manchester City’s foreign players on Tuesday.

City defender Nicolas Otamendi took an elbow from Sunderland forward Jermain Defoe in the Black Cats 1-0 loss, and Allardyce rejects the notion of malice behind it.

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Besides, he believes those City players are not as tough as English players and just a product of their biology, which doesn’t sound xenophobic at all. Just like how Jurgen Klopp is a “soft German”, right Sam?

Palm, meet face.

From the BBC:

“Jermain Defoe doesn’t elbow anybody on purpose. They make a big fuss about it and that’s what they do. That’s mostly foreign players, they do make a big fuss of it. That’s in their nature – I’m not saying it’s in the way they are brought up. They react in a more volatile way to incidents like that than we do. We accept that but I don’t think Jermain intentionally did it.”

Nine times out of 10 the phrase “I’m not saying” immediately precedes something he’s saying. Allardyce isn’t blaming the parents of these young men, rather their DNA.