VIDEO: Roberto Martinez dances the night away at Jason Derulo concert

AP Photo/Rui Vieira

Is personal time no longer sacred for the rich and famous? Of course it’s not. In fact, it never really was.

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So it should comes as little or no surprise that Everton manager Roberto Martinez was allegedly caught on camera while busting out some of the… well, we’ll call them, the most interesting dance moves we’ve seen in quite some time, at a Jason Derulo concert in Manchester on Thursday.

But surely… surely… a story this good is only going to let us down in that it wasn’t actually Martinez. We could never fully deserve to see the manager of a world-famous football club do this:

At a press conference on Friday, Martinez confirmed it was indeed him — quotes from the South Wales Evening Post:

“I’m a big fan.”

“It is always good to get inspiration from creative people… I’ve got better moves, believe me. Probably that was the worst move”

Well said, Roberto.

There’s a joke in there somewhere that likens Martinez’s dance moves to the way his side defends, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Naturally, Peter Crouch approves.