Report: Mourinho not the man for Manchester United? Giggs could be preferred

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According to a few reports from England this morning, Manchester United may not have yet decided on who to install as new manager should a change be made shortly.

Louis Van Gaal‘s struggles continue, and thus rumors of his impending exit continue to swirl. But while many believe his replacement is a foregone conclusion, others say not so fast.

Reports of talks between the club and Jose Mourinho are ever-present, but he isn’t the only candidate. In fact, he may not even be the favorite. According to The Daily Mirror and The Independent, there’s a possibility the club would prefer to promote the calming presence of assistant manager Ryan Giggs instead of a guaranteed roller coaster ride that comes with The Special One.

The Independent claims that Giggs has “impressed” in his role under Van Gaal, which is high praise given the unfortunate recent results at Old Trafford that he has been a part of.

The report by The Mirror says that Van Gaal will stay on until the end of the season, at which point they will part ways with the Dutchman and install Giggs. Where would Jose Mourinho fall back to should Manchester United tell him thanks but no thanks?