Mario Balotelli racially abused again, this time by AC Milan owner

Ti-Press/Gabriele Putzu/Keystone via AP

Mario Balotelli has been the target of racist comments and actions on a number of occasions throughout his career, so it probably comes as no surprise to hear that it’s happened yet again, which is truly sad.

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However, you might be surprised to hear that this time the abuser is the owner of AC Milan, the club for which Balotelli currently plays while on loan from Liverpool, but that would only mean you’ve never heard the name Silvio Berlusconi. For that, you would be very lucky.

Berlusconi, a lifelong politician and owner of AC Milan since 1986, is no stranger to being a racist and proudly sharing his despicable opinions publicly.

Earlier this season, Berlusconi inserted clauses into Balotelli’s contract that prevent the 25-year-old — a fully-grown adult man — from having “extravagant haircuts,” wearing “outrageous clothes” and visiting nightclubs. This was also interpreted by some as racist, considering Balotelli is the only player at the club to have such restrictions placed upon him.

Don’t count on the Italian football authorities to come down too hard on Berlusconi, as they’ve rarely, if ever, done so throughout his 30-year reign of racism.