“We lost our composure amidst all the chaos”: Bayern, Juve react to roller coaster tie

AP Photo/Luca Bruno

While many were focused on Barcelona’s 2-0 win over Arsenal, the UEFA Champions League had a wild affair about 1200 miles away in Turin.

Juventus Stadium saw Bayern Munich open up a 2-0 lead with a dominant hour against hosts Juventus, only to toss aside that advantage over the final half hour.

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The result is that Bayern heads back to the Allianz Arena with two valuable road goals, but vulnerable to a single-loss elimination from the UEFA Champions League.

Juventus manager Max Allegri thought his side came out not flat, but without confidence. The Old Lady gave up goals to Thomas Muller and Arjen Robben in going down a pair at home.

And Allegri thinks he knows what went wrong in the opening hour.

“Bayern’s last man was often Arturo Vidal and we should not have allowed them that much space. As long as Bayern maintained a certain tempo, it was not easy for us. Fortunately they lost intensity and we came out.

“We need to have more confidence in our own abilities and not sit so deep. We can do it and I’m happy to have certain players back from injury.”

The second leg is March 16 in Munich, and Juve has proven it has what it takes to knock Bayern from the tournament, even on the road. What chance do you give the Turin side to upend Bayern in Germany?