Football Fansite Profile: Leicester Till I Die


26/38ths into this Premier League season and Leicester Bloody City sit at the table’s apex, having emerged from a gauntlet of games (Stoke, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal) that was meant to extinguish the hopes of believers around the world. In this issue’s Football Fansite Profile, we ask Chris Forryan, the founder of Leicester Till I Die, how he’s experienced this pavement to penthouse tale, both personally and professionally.

MiB: Give us some background on Leicester Till I Die. The who, what, when, where and why it began.

LTID: I started LTID about 7 years ago as a Facebook group as a hobby. In this time it has now grown to include a website with over 1,000 unique daily visitors, a Facebook group of 12,500 members, a Facebook page of 6,500 likes, a spotted Facebook group of over 3,000 and a twitter with over 2,500 followers. LTID supply regular blogs for The Sun newspaper online, the UK’s biggest selling daily as well as Metro on line and Shoot magazine online. I am also a regular contributor to the biggest sports radio station in the UK, Talksport. Just last week I also did a radio interview for a radio station based in Melbourne, Australia and I now find myself answering questions on my beloved Leicester City for an American sports newsletter.

MiB: Be honest. Heading into this season. What were your expectations?

LTID: Following on from last season’s ‘Great Escape’ my main hope was that we wouldn’t go through that again. That said the last run of games that ensured our safety finally showed, that with a settled team, we could hold our own in The Premier League.  Whilst our main priority this season was once again, staying up, I thought, with new manager in place a finish of 10-12 was achievable.

MiB: As someone who watches every kick of the ball, what has it been like for you to experience this magical season, both as the editor of LTID and as a fan?

LTID: To quote a well-known English TV Pundit “UNBELIEVABLE JEFF!

From the early games where we were giving teams 2 goal starts to spending more time at the top than any other team this season it has been an unbelievable journey. Fellow Leicester fans of a similar age to myself will know that Leicester are the kings when it comes to shooting yourself in the foot. We could beat top teams one week only to lose to the bottom team the following week. But with only 3 losses so far this season we seem to have put that particular curse to bed. Yet there is still that nagging feeling that we just might, throw it all away.

Every week I think this could be the week when it starts to go wrong, when the wheels come off. But no, despite the recent loss to Arsenal, the wheels are still firmly on and I can continue pinching myself every week at our results.

MiB: Look into your crystal ball. How does the rest of the season play out for Leicester?

LTID: I never, ever, thought I would be about to write what I am about Leicester City. Winning the Premier League is not out of the realms of possibility. Why not? None of the other contenders have shown the consistency to break away when we went through a patch of drawing more games than we won.
I think we have to finish top 4. it would take an unbelievable turn round in form for us to lose so many games that this would not happen.

Top 3 would guarantee us an automatic Champions league place whilst 4th would mean we would have to play a qualifier. But I am going to go out on a limb here and say we will finish top 3!!!