Sepp Blatter: FIFA reform not my problem anymore

Getty Images

Sepp Blatter is washing his hands of FIFA’s problems.

In an interview with the Associated Press regarding the election of Gianni Infantino, the suspended former president said FIFA reform “is his problem now.”

“He is a young man, he is powerful, he has a lot of energy, and I am sure he will do the right job,” Blatter said of Infantino, the first man not named Blatter to lead FIFA since Sepp’s initial election in 1988.

Infantino was clearly floored by his election when the results were announced, and Blatter wants him to succeed now that the spotlight has shifted.

“If a majority of the 207 national associations so clearly indicated where they want to go then I can only say, `Gianni, good luck and do it.'”

Now that he’s relieved of the pressures of the job, Blatter says he’s going to concentrate on family and not worry about the troubles of FIFA.

“Love, tenderness, family – that’s it,” he said. “These are good assets. I have realized that. Now I have another approach to my life.”

Unless, of course, the U.S. Department of Justice comes calling. To which he told the New York Times, “I do hope our friends in the United States will accept that FIFA has promised these reforms, is doing these reforms, and that they will let us work in peace.”

“Us.” It’s clear Mr. Blatter may have more trouble letting go of FIFA than he would like to admit.