WATCH: West Ham’s Antonio scores, does Homer dance in “Simpsons” celebration (video)


EDIT: Many have Tweeted me to point out that Homer’s dance was inspired by “Three Stooges” ace Curly Howard. Fair play, but Antonio lifted it from “The Simpsons”.

If you couldn’t put your finger on what Michail Antonio was doing in celebration of West Ham’s opening goal, credit Matt Groening for the idea.

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Antonio was inspired by “The Simpsons” father Homer Simpson, who hilariously runs on his shoulder in the famous cartoon series.

Homer screams “woop woop woop” in the show. Does he do it here? Can’t tell, but we hope so!

From the BBC:

“The celebration came to me in the hotel room,” he says. “The boys were like ‘you’ll never do it’. It had to be done”

Way to make good, Michail. This makes us want to beg Roy Hodgson to take you to Euro.