VOTE: US Soccer formalizes new crest with campaign; Like the look?

New York Times

The leaks were legit, and US Soccer has a new crest.

The simple design says “USA” in dark blue and has seven red stripes inside a shield outlined in the same blue.

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US Soccer opted to roll out the design in an unconventional way. The federation put up a video of workers taking down the ‘old’ logo from federation headquarters and then let the design out via, well, the internet.

From The New York Times:

U.S. Soccer planned to surreptitiously deliver packages containing the gifts Monday morning to the doorsteps of about 8,000 registered club supporters as well as an additional 2,000 development academy players and other soccer fans across the country. The official unveiling will be later in the day.

We have to wonder whether, given the shades of disapproval from the leaked photos, this unconventional rollout was a way to mitigate potential backlash. Send some swag to your prime supporters and hope the gesture of exclusivity bundles into positive energy.

My thoughts? It could definitely have been worse, but is far from inspiring. Designers have gone a bit too crazy with going with easy branding and calling it “simple and clean”. We don’t quite get why there is nothing that tells people it’s U.S. Soccer. Maybe they want to avoid using “soccer” because of the worldwide “football” brand?

There’s a bit of “generic vendor selling stuff outside a stadium” to it, but the removal of the stars and soccer ball will go a long way with some fans.

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