Pirlo enjoys life in New York City, could stay for a while


Andrea Pirlo is enjoying his time in New York City. Moving to Major League Soccer last summer, the 36-year-old Italian legend has found life in the United States soothing, mainly because he’s not the mega-star over here that he was in his home country.

The life of a superstar has its ups and downs. It can appeal for a while, but for a veteran like Pirlo, he’s enjoying walking down the street and not being recognized.

‘‘Just being able to go out to dinner at the trendiest restaurants — in Italy, I can’t do that,’’ Pirlo told New York Times Magazine. ‘‘There were times we were kept in our dressing room until late at night because it wasn’t safe to go home. Our bus would get attacked, the tires slit.”

Pirlo is signed with NYCFC through December, but he thinks the marriage could be longer. “I don’t rule out the idea of staying here,’’ he said. ‘‘That could be something interesting.’’ The Italian said that he’s enjoying the sights and sounds of New York City as well, taking his girlfriend to see a museum and hoping to see a Broadway show.