Man stabbed to death over Messi vs. Ronaldo debate


The argument over which player is better, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, is one which has rumbled on for nearly a decade and will go on for much longer.

It’s one of the great sporting rivalries of any generation. “Messi or Ronaldo, who you got?”

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Sadly, that same debate ended in death as two friends took things way too far.

The incident occurred last weekend between two Nigerian nationals in Mumbai, India as NDTV Sports reports that Nwabu Chukwuma, 21, stabbed his 34-year-old friend Obinna Michael Durumchukwu.

According to a separate report from the BBC, the two men were discussing their favorite players and it is believed Durumchukwu supported Messi and Chukwuma  was in favor of Ronaldo.

The inspector who spoke to the BBC said the following about the incident which took place at a party.

“During the conversation a quarrel has taken place. The deceased threw a glass into the face of the accused person. The glass broke and caused small injuries.

“After that, the accused took the broken glass and assaulted the deceased person who died due to heavy bleeding.”

A tragic end to a debate I’m sure you and I have had hundreds of times with friends and family over the years.